Rockefeller Beds Damage Policy 

Box Spring Policy

Our inventory includes mattresses, frames, and box springs that are in different stages of the “bed” life cycle. We hope to avoid unfairly charging our customers for damages that were incurred or initiated before their tenure as renters. In order to be totally fair and transparent, we developed a system to rank the inventory based on age and wear-and-tear of our most depreciable asset, the box springs. Each box spring will be assigned a ranking, and if you are to irreparably break a box spring during your time as a renter, you will be financially liable in one of the following ways: 

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 4.35.54 PM.png

If you notice the box spring was irreparably damaged upon installation (and we evidently made a mistake), you have up to three days to notify us and we will exchange it free of charge.

Payment for Broken Box Springs

Upon moving out your bed, we will determine whether your box spring has been broken during the time of your rental. If you have broken your box spring, we will email you and request a certain damage fee based on the table above. You may pay for the broken box spring by paying online here, or by Venmoing @Rockefellerbeds. 

Link to Pay Online

Mattress Policy

While box spring damages have proven to be slightly unpredictable, our mattresses rarely suffer a singular, significant damage during the period of rental. Typically, the mattresses depreciate at a predictable pace, and our inventory is updated before our customers encounter a problem. In the rare chance that you, as a renter, damage the mattress significantly, we will discuss the problem with you directly to find an agreeable solution given the circumstances around and the extent of the damage.


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